Qualcomm Technologies has completed its acquisition of Tetra AI. Visit Qualcomm.com to learn more.

Build it once
for any device

Deploy ML models on device with 5 lines of code, up to 10x speed-up.

Featured Models

Hundreds of models
for all devices

Tetra models are validated to run on many popular devices, allowing you to focus on your application instead of messy platform configurations.

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Go faster

Incredible performance without compromise

Up to 10x improvement in latency and battery life — no compromise in accuracy

Illustration showing 60 fps vs. 6 fps

Deploy everywhere

Effortlessly target multiple devices

Validate and deploy to multiple device platforms and operating systems

A drone, cell phone, and laptop

Multiple applications

State-of-the-art image, video, and speech applications

Unlock new intelligent experiences with the latest ML models

Multiple applications including translation, image, audio, and video

Quick Results

Rapidly innovate

Simultaneously experiment with hundreds of models and devices in minutes

Icons of various devices including headphones, a camera, a monitor, a laptop, a mobile phone, a smart watch, and a game controller.